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The Kizos Culture
Pure Organic. Pure Sun and Living Soils.
Kizos Culture:
an eco-responsible human-scale craft cannabis company located in Bécancour, Québec. We utilize and optimize what nature already provides for us by implementing practices that efficiently produce quality products while minimizing our ecological footprint. Kizos cultivates certified organic flowers and is licensed to make all the good stuff: kief, hash, and rosin that's made solvent-free. Kizos, the new cannabis Culture.
Grown Under
Made In Quebec Soil.
Our mission is to help create a culture of cannabis that cultivates the growth and development of true organically grown flowers and cannabis 2.0 products. We believe this will lead us closer toward sustainable efforts in all aspects of production, from growing practices to environmental conservation. We focus on social and economical benefits to all stakeholders as we encourage local sourcing and investments and implement actions that add value to our communities and improve their quality of life.
Growing Together
Working towards a cleaner future
We pride ourselves in our values and are working towards implementing sustainable practices for a cleaner and brighter future.
Eco-Friendly Solventless Extractions and Transformative technologies that optimize the presence and the bioavailability of the formulated cannabinoids and terpenes.
EcoFriendly Technologies
Certified Organic craft greenhouse-grow
cannabis; high-quality cold-cured and hand-trimmed organic cannabis of sought strains.
Craft Cannabis
Producing Premium quality Cannabis Extracts from proprietary strains – we use only what nature provides and avoid the use of any chemicals or solvents in our extraction processes.
A leader in human-scale product manufacturing. We offer innovative products that appeal to consumers, reasonable pricing, and excellent customer service.
Premium Quality
Human-Scale Manufacturing
Building a sense of community
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Becancour, Quebec