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towards redefining cannabis culture.
We stand for inclusivity and sustainability.
This is Kizos Culture.
We are here to pay homage to those who have come before us and with absolute gratitude for what nature has given us, we're working
With a mission to redefine how society sees this plant, Kizos Culture has designed an innovative system of production that works with natural resources. The site is situated at a strategic location that benefits from the presence of the majestic St-Lawrence river; a constant wind and a favorable microclimate. Our hydropower; water access and 200 acres of the fenced property offer us the necessary tools to grow cannabis while preserving our environment. Kizos Culture’s mission is to produce high-quality cannabis grown with respect for people, nature, and the land itself; we aim for truly sustainable development to better preserve local biodiversity.
Kizos Culture is the first organic certified cannabis company in Quebec
Our mission is to help create a culture of cannabis that cultivates the growth and development of true organically grown flowers and cannabis 2.0 products. We believe this will lead us closer toward sustainable efforts in all aspects of production, from growing practices to environmental conservation. We focus on social and economical benefits to all stakeholders as we encourage local sourcing and investments and implement actions that add value to our communities and improve their quality of life.
Our vision is to develop strong partnerships that will focus on creating growth opportunities and awareness in our communities. We believe that collaboration is key to innovation. We hope to connect with other growers and transformers to bring new ideas and products to the market.
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